Wednesday 10 May 2023

She encouraged me to do it so we can end poverty in our family — Internet fraudster claims his mother forced him to kill his sister for money ritual


A 29-year-old internet fraudster, Amos Olaleye, who was arrested in Lagos State has told the police how he allegedly connived with his mother to use his sister for money 


The police said the suspect was arrested during a stop-and-search on Itamaga-Ikorodu road while on the way to throw his sister’s corpse into a river. 


The suspect, who is being detained at the State Criminal Investigation Department (SCID), Panti Street, Yaba, also admitted having s3xual interc0urse with his deceased sister.


In his confessional statement to the police, the suspect alleged that he was instructed to dump the corpse in a river after her vital organs had been removed.


He said his mother, based on a native doctor’s instruction, asked him to k!ll his younger sister so that he could become rich.


“My mother was the one who took me to a native doctor. While with the native doctor, he said I would have to sacrifice one of my siblings if I wanted to be successful. He said the one to be sacrificed must be the one I loved most,” the suspect narrated.


"I am into Yahoo business. After hearing from him, it took me months before I could make up my mind if I actually wanted to embark on the assignment.


"While I was grappling with the thought, my mother kept encouraging me to kill my sister so that we could be rich and bring to an end the poverty in the family.


"My mother planned the entire incident by going out to buy poison which she put in my sister’s food. The native doctor also instructed that I must sleep with my sister’s c0rpse and suck her v**ina before throwing the c0rpse into a river for the ritual to be completed.”

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