Friday, 22 April 2022

Child abuse: I’m not bad mum, dancer Korra Obidi slams critics

Nigerian singer and dancer, Korra Obidi, has slammed unnamed persons reporting her to Child Protective Service in the United States.

In a Facebook live video on Thursday, the US-based artiste revealed that officials of the CPS had been visiting her home.

She claimed that certain persons have been reporting her for child abuse and the use of hard drugs.

“Some of you people have been reporting me to child protective services, and trying to make me look like a bad mom for some reason,” she said.


The mother of two went on to lay curses on the said persons making the reports saying, “Everything you do to me will be done to you. People will take your children from you because I don’t know what I’m doing in this world that makes you think it is okay for you to go to my kids and try to take them away from me.


“What am I doing wrong? Because I have the courage to live outside of what society thinks I should do? A woman who celebrates her body, a woman who is not ashamed to be herself, that’s why you think it’s okay to call me a bad mom and call child protective services against me?


“Keep trying your best to ruin my happiness. You can do the worst thing you want but you will never take my kids from me. I’m not a crackhead, I’m a responsible human being. I’m a mother, everything I do, every decision I make revolves around my children.”


Shortly after Obidi was delivered of her second child in March, her marriage hit the rocks.

Her husband, Dr Justin Dean announced their split to the shock of many, stating that he was walking away from the marriage to protect his mental health.


While she has refused to share her side of the story, Obidi promised to speak up when she eventually feels strong enough to do so.

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