Thursday 14 October 2021

How I battled infertility before ‘miraculous conception’ – Actress Wumi Toriola

Nollywood Yoruba actress, Wumi Toriola, has recounted how she battled with infertility before the ‘miraculous conception’ of her son.


The mother-of-one took to her verified Instagrampage on Tuesday to share how she had two failed attempts at Intrauterine insemination and was ready to go for In vitro fertilization before she miraculously conceived her first child.


Toriola shared this story as she celebrated her son, Zion, who turned two years on Wednesday.

She said, “I think it’s about time to tell my little story, and this is to encourage someone. I wanted to rest after marriage before conception and boom ‘my supposed rest’ finished, but no conception.


“I didn’t see it as a problem until someone said, “na so e easy, shebi she don dey married, she never get belle.” As the playful person that I am, it didn’t hit until six months passed. Then it started to dawn on me.

“I flew to fertility hospital but the annoying thing is ‘you need to go with your partner.’ Choi, that was a tough one because it sure sends signals like, ‘Abi she don commot her womb before?


“Long story cut short, I was told there was no issue, that it would come but eager me won’t hear. I had IUI 2 times. After the last one, I started having funny symptoms of pregnancy even without a test. I thought I was pregnant and was unnecessarily careful.


“One month passed, I did test, alas no conception. I was mad at myself; 30 days of injection and ‘hard work’ again.

“My doctor would laugh at me and would assure me there was no issue with us. I lost hope in IUI and I was ready for IVF, then my miraculous conception came.

“I wish I could explain the anger and the sadness through those little times of waiting but just one day, I forgot all.”


The actress went on to encourage women who may be battling with infertility, as she announced that her son – “my miracle” – has clocked two years.


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