Friday 27 August 2021

The most embarrassing thing that had ever happened to our country, we look like fools all over the world — Trump attacks Biden over Afghan crisis

Former US president, Donald Trump has blasted Joe Biden on his 'foreign policy failures and dereliction of duty' saying the Kabul terror attacks which has so far 

killed 13 service members and 70 Afghans is the result of "the dumbest move ever made perhaps in the history of our country"


Trump added that Biden surrounded himself with "woke generals" who have shifted their priorities from national security to liberal politics.

In an Interview on Thursday night, August 26 on Fox News, Trump said that Biden's "wokeness" and that of his top generals like Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman, Mark Milley, are misinterpreting the power of the US military members and incoherently shuffling their priorities:

"Biden and the woke generals are just woke. I was saying even at the end of my time, I was seeing letters being sent out about equality and all of these different things -- the soldiers, they want to fight, they want to be prepared to fight, they want to be soldiers, but the woke generals, it has got into a level that nobody can even believe," he said.


On Afghanistan, Trump said Biden and the commanders sought to withdraw as he had but that they did so in a very 'foolish way'

"They forgot one thing, they forgot to take the people with them and the merchandise with them, meaning they forgot to take the greatest military equipment anywhere in the world with them, and it's hard to believe, actually, because a child would have understood. You get the military out last. A child would have understood that. How could they have done this to our country?"


On the Biden admin move Trump said, it constituted one of the worst decisions by a sitting president in United States history, as 13 service members are now dead and Kabul continues in turmoil being controlled by the Taliban and now littered with ISIS-K and Al-Qaeda terrorists.

"It's so sad. It's probably from the standpoint of military tactics and just embarrassment, the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to our country; we look like fools all over the world, we are weak, we are pathetic, we are being led by people that have no idea what they are doing," Trump said.

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