Tuesday 10 August 2021

BBnaija Angel explains what led to her fight with Sammie ...Explaining to Arin & Boma she said

“He (Sammie) asked 'Do you want to put a label on it?', I said no, I barely know you, It's just two weeks let’s not put a label on it. I dont know you like that.

We obviously are very conflicting, let’s  start again as friends. I even told him I had

someone I was talking to on the outside but if it goes well for us, I'm going to have a conversation with that Guy... I'm being open and honest.

He had an attitude. Why didn’t I get an attitude because Queen twerked on you?I could have as well but its a game. It's truth or dare.

I know the things he said, I'm not f**king crazy, I won't come here and start making up sh*t... He f**king said 'na me f**k up dey jealous for this

kind woman. He said ‘why you no kiss Cross or Boma but if na any of these guys I go even dey, but na new guy, you no even allow body settle

down.’ He said you are the one jumping around so every guy...I'm like ‘ I can f**king do anything, If I want to f**k any guy in this house I can f**king do it. 

I don't owe you sh*t and he was like ‘Oh go and f**k Big Brother, f**k eveybody.’I was like you're slut shaming me but you want to get angry that I called you an idiot.”

Their fight started when Sammie confronted Angel for kissing one of the male housemates, Kayvee, during Sunday’s Truth or dare game.

He said Angel, who was his love interest in the house, is a confused human being.

Sammie had admitted that he was unhappy about the kiss because Kayvee is a new housemate and he would have been unbothered if it was one of the older guys.

However, Angel accused Sammie of ‘slut shaming her.’

According to her, she knows what she wants and it’s not Sammie.

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