Monday 26 July 2021

Fire fighters called to rescue 3 year old girl who got her head stuck in a toilet seat

Firefighters had to be called to rescue a three-year-old girl after she got her head stuck in a toilet seat.

The parents of Izabell, aged 3, parents had to call the Taunton Fire Station to help rescue their daughter after attempts to free her from the toilet seat failed.

When firefighters arrived, they couldn't get Izabell's head out of the toilet seat so they cut the seat.

Taunton Fire Station took to Facebook on Sunday evening, July 25, to share the child's ordeal in a warning to all other families using similar lavatory devices.

"On Saturday 24th July 2021, the crew on station had a running call to assist the parents of Izabell aged 3 to remove a child toilet seat stuck around her neck," the Taunton Fire station posted.

The service commended Izabell for her courage in sitting still while a firefighter pulled a saw out to slice through the seat resting on her shoulders.

A white towel was placed between Izabell and the seat to prevent her from getting injured during the rescue.

Taunton Fire Station said: "Unfortunately Mom & Dad did try at home but were unsuccessful.

"Izabell sat quietly and bravely watching Peppa Pig while Taunton’s firefighters safely removed the seat."

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