Tuesday 23 February 2021

Vanessa Bryant drags Meek Mill for disrespectful lyrics about her late husband, Kobe Bryant, and Meek responds with even more disrespect

Vanessa Bryant took to her Instagram Stories to slam rapper Meek Mill for a line in his song that makes a tasteless reference to her husband's death in a helicopter crash.

Meek Mill rapped: "Yeah, if I ever lack, I'm goin' out with my chopper, it be another Kobe."

Kobe Bryant's widow, Vanessa, told Meek she finds the line "extremely insensitive and disrespectful." She told him he can do better than that and added that his latest release "lacks respect and tact".
Well, Meek then took to Twitter to write: "I'm going back savage in this shit... f**k ya feelings."
Swipe to see Meek Mill's response

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