Saturday, 29 February 2020

Celebrating birthday once in four years has taught me patience – Korede Bello

Singer, Korede Bello, who was born on February 29, speaks to TOFARATI IGE about his career and how it feels celebrating his

birthday once in every four years

You went off the radar for some time. Did you intentionally take a break from the music industry?

Yes! My short break was intentional and very necessary for my sanity and personal development. I needed time and space to catch my breath and prioritise my health over my work.

What inspired your latest song, ‘Sun mo Mi’?

It was the beat that inspired the song. Usually, I write with my guitar first. But when I started creating this from scratch with Princeton (the producer), I just connected with the rhythm and progression. I would say the song chose me. All I had to do was listen and download.

Is there anything that has changed about your music?

In terms of direction and aesthetics, yes. Everything is more mature and people-centered now. Any style that fits the message I’m trying to pass across works for me.

Some people have labelled you a womaniser because of your lover boy persona. Is that true?

I don’t even know what that word means anymore. I guess when one attracts a lot of female attention and love, they call one a womaniser.

What challenges do you currently face in your career?

My only challenge, as far as I’m concerned, is to make music for as many people that need to hear my message all around the world.

You were born on February 29. How does it feel not being able to celebrate your birthday every year?

I must confess it does make me feel special. I don’t have to feel like I’m getting older every year (laughs). It is truly special to anticipate something for four years. It teaches one a lot about patience and rewards.

What’s the most memorable birthday celebration you’ve had?

All the birthdays I’ve had have been memorable because I had four years to plan for them.

What do you still aim to achieve with your music career?

I aim to connect more people with my voice. I would also like to perform at the biggest venues, as well as support and unveil new talents to the world.

Some people feel you haven’t lived up to expectations career-wise. What’s your reaction to that?

I don’t react to issues, I would rather respond. As for this question, I would let my music answer it.

You were rumoured to be in a relationship with Iyabo Ojo’s daughter, Priscilla. How true is that?

I think Priscilla would be in a better position to respond to that (laughs).

Do you plan on getting married anytime soon?

Wedding bells are always sounding every Saturday. Perhaps, you have not been paying attention. I even try to put bells in my songs because my name is Bello. If you listen closely to the song, ‘Sun mo Mi’, you would hear wedding bells and hints of a potential wedding.

What qualities would you like in your dream woman?

The only quality that truly matters is a strong connection. A connection with God, herself and with me. Every other thing doesn’t really matter. Besides, a dream woman will always be a dream. I want a real woman.

At this stage of your career, do you have any regrets?

If there are, I don’t remember any. I don’t live in the past or in the future. If one lives in the past, one would be filled with regrets. And if one lives in the future, one would have many worries. However, there are no regrets in the present and that’s where you would find me.

What are the greatest lessons you’ve learnt in the course of your career?

I have learnt quite a number of lessons over the years, including the fact that a star starts to die from the moment it is born.

Also, the purpose of a star is to give life and share light.

Is your contract with Mavin Records still valid? If yes, when would it expire and what are your plans after leaving the record company?

I’m still a ‘Mavin’ and what we have is a mutually beneficial business relationship.

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